Finding Inspiration to Accomplish More

Monday, February 6th, 2017 Comments
Finding inspiration to accomplish more

January is over, folks. How are your New Year’s Resolutions going? Are you losing steam? Or are you wishing you could accomplish more?

Me, too 🙁

Progress was Interrupted

I spend some time reflecting in January on how I failed in 2016 and made some concrete resolutions towards avoiding the same mistakes in 2017. I even made some great headway, and was able to check off a few wins for the beginning of the year.

Then, my daughter was sick for 3 weeks, tiredness due to pregnancy slapped me in the face, and both of my jobs ramped up simultaneously. Let’s not even include the distraction of politics.

Every day, I continued to maintain my to do list. And every day, I lied to myself about what I was motivated to accomplish. By the end of January, I wished I tried to accomplish more.

How I Regained Momentum

So! Fresh month, fresh start. I made some simple changes to my mindset & working style to ensure I kept at it.

Here are 4 steps for you to do the same:

  1. Revisit your goals. The number one way to make sure you accomplish your goals is to make sure you never forget what they are. It will help, too, to revisit or revise the sub bullets under each one. The approach is 95% of the success.
  2. Make lists of things that make you happy. I learned this trick from Asia Croson on a podcast (HIGHLY recommend you listen!). She recommends listing things that make you happy by certain dimensions: person, space, routine, relationships, activities, and dreams. After I made this list, it changed my vision about how I wanted to spend my time. Now, I keep this list of things in my bullet journal so I can constantly add to it & remind myself of the most productive way to spend my time in order to make myself happy.
  3. Find a support buddyI have a friend that texts me every few days to say “how are you doing? what are you feeling this week?”. To translate, what she’s really asking is “is your head in the right place right now?”. She is a huge factor towards whether I accomplish more. Mindfulness & reflection is one of the most powerful tools, and since I wasn’t feeling well in the past few weeks, I needed her to nudge me towards it. I urge you to find someone you can be 1,000% honest with about your goals, & who will connect with you on an emotional level to ensure you reach them.
  4. Swap TV for podcasts. Studies show that TV squashes imagination in kids, and that’s why doctors recommend less screen time. I don’t know about you, but I, too, feel myself melting into nothingness when I watch TV. In many homes (including mine), it’s on 24/7 for the noise. I challenge you to swap that noise for podcasts. Do a Google or Pinterest search for ones that will interest or motivate you, and I suspect you will feel a renewed sense of self.

I have a few other tricks, but these are the ones I keep coming back to when my motivation wanes. What do you do to accomplish more?

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