Dear Beecher Family

Thursday, July 27th, 2017 Comments

I want to pretend I know what you’re going through. In 2004, my mama died on the road because of an idiot behind the wheel. In 2015, my dad almost died while driving because of an idiot behind the wheel. That same year, my brother ended up in the hospital because HE was the idiot behind the wheel.

My point is that it’s not like I haven’t experienced the shock and the fear and the questions that come along with your situation. Each time these things happened, I shed countless tears, asked millions of “whys”, and considered several dozen “what ifs”. Looking back to the most terrible of these accidents, people even said I was “strong” about how I handled it. All I remember doing is resolving not to take my family for granted ever again, and perhaps that’s how I am less “strong” about it today.

I heard about your accident on Facebook last week, and I am emotionally wrecked more than I have been before. I never met you, and I have no personal stake in this accident. And yet I’ve set aside a half hour of every day to sob to myself about how incomprehensible your situation is.

Why? What if? How? What now?

I very rudely asked my husband what he would do. He very patiently told me we’re not going to think about it. I guess that’s the only way to move on with our day. We cross that bridge when we come to it.

For you, who are crossing this bridge now, I want to express all the shit inside in words, but I know that not one thing I or anyone says matters right about now. It all sounds rehearsed. I hope you take advantage of hugs offered to you, find some sunshine eventually, and stay “strong” as you heal. Do not hesitate to ask us for what you need.

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