Belated/Late Daycare Teacher Gifts

Thursday, January 5th, 2017 Comments
Belated (Late) Daycare Teacher Gifts

Mamas, I really struggled with daycare teacher gifts this Christmas!

Among the many ways that I failed this Christmas, I just couldn’t find, prepare, and pack a gift for the girls who take care of my baby every day. It was really a recipe for failure:

  • There is the basic pressure to do something.
  • Then, for me, add to it that my daughter’s birthday is January 2nd… so I should step it up.
  • Sprinkle in some confusion about how many teachers are actually in my daughter’s room (I mean, there are lead teachers, and then…???).
  • Layer on contradicting articles about what teachers do and don’t want
  • And finish up by coupling this task with the already long to do list for the holidays.

Sad face. Long story short, I avoided it.

But, post-Christmas, it is important to me to do something. Our daycare is unbelievable, and I am truly thankful that I don’t have to think twice about whether my daughter is safe, learning, or loved. I’d take a few people out for a glass of wine and some venting if it weren’t weird for them professionally.

So, here’s the late daycare teacher gifts I came up with.

Belated (Late) Daycare Teacher Gifts

What do you think? I wrote the poem myself and borrowed the favor wrapping that we had on hand for her birthday party. Cheesy in the right way? That’s what I was going for.

I struggled with what to fill it. Like I said, wine is perfect for the ones who are 21+, but unprofessional. I wasn’t interested in crossing lines. Starbucks gift cards are not so thoughtful, and all the other ideas I had were on the “hell no” lists written by teachers. As a result, I went with bath bombs from Whole Foods. I figured… it’s considered a premium product(?), it applies regardless of age, and it’s something they might not buy for themselves.

I feel good about it. And I wrote this in case anyone else is going through the same thing; I had a hard time finding examples of what others had done, even on Pinterest.

Feedback is welcome, mamas! Even if that means breaking the truth that this is a stupid idea.

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