5 Lists that get me through the week

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016 Comments

Any other list makers out there? I am constantly organizing, suborganizing, and reorganizing information into lists. Below is a list of the top 5 lists that get me through the week. Without them, I’d be about 10% as productive as I am now.

5 lists that get me through the week

1. The To Do List (AKA a digital Bullet Journal)

Of course this is the top option. I usually sit down on Sunday night and build a bullet plan for the week, and then set aside 10 minutes each night before I go to bed to update it for the next day. Below is an example of my bullet journal, but I adjust this constantly based on what the new routine is.


2. Meal Plan

Meal planning is for sure a pain in the ass – especially as a beginner – but the rest of my week goes so much more smoothly when I use it. Here are some reasons to meal plan (most revolve around saving time or stress):

  • 1 grocery trip
  • less food waste
  • prep food to shorten cook times
  • less temptation to eat out
  • end up prepping breakfast and lunch, too
  • balance family allergies & health goals

You can see from my digital Bullet Journal above that the meal of the day is part of it.

3. Shopping List

Paydays are Friday, right? During the week, I collect the lists of things that I need to buy, and when I hit critical mass, I pull the trigger. My shopping style is to 1) start with Cartwheel or whatever other coupon/loyalty options I have, 2) go to Amazon, and 3) move from there. I shop for Christmas year round, especially for stocking stuffers, so that December isn’t so painful on my wallet.


4. Budget

I set a budget per paycheck. The formula is roughly: income – big payments – gifts = spending $. Then I take a portion of that and set it aside for debt or groceries or whatever midsize purchases I need to make. I have found that this formula keeps me in check such that every time I run my card, I consider how it will impact my ability to meet the goals before the equals sign.

5. Daily Reflection

I think reflection is immensely important. At the end of each day, I make a list. Yesterday, I made a list of lists, but usually the list is “what I accomplished today”. I find that this makes me feel valuable at work and at home, and it motivates me to continue being productive each time I feel that I want to sit down.

Some days, that list says “snuggled with Leah” or other basic things that are as important as errands. Some days, I instead write a list of why I love my job. Or why I love my husband 🙂 Or what I want to do before the end of the year. Whatever.

The point is that I take some time to get whatever is on my mind out.

Those are my lists!

If you need some list tools, for sure check out Trello, Wunderlist, or sometimes I even use the basic Google Sheets. All three are accessible anywhere on most devices.

Did I miss any? What lists do you use?

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